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OKIDATA printer repair parts

OKI B420 B420dn Mono Laser Printer Repair Parts

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Part Number


43910901 Access Cover (Beige), B420dn
43910902 Access Cover (Black), B420dn Black
43992702 BASE: PLATE , B420dn
41279401 BEARING PRESSURE, B420dn
43330101 BEARING TR, B420dn
41584201 BEARING BALL, B420dn
43222601 BEARING EJECT, B420dn
41279301 BEARING REGIST L, B420dn
43963624 Board 87M  7, B420dn
43998001 Board TT1, B420dn
43991702 Cassette 530 sheet (beige), B420dn
43448701 COLLAR, B420dn
43598801 COLLAR RESET LEVER, B420dn
43961302 CONN Cord AMP8P AMP8P, B420dn
43994701 Cover  Rear, B420dn
43994802 Cover  Stacker, B420dn
44019804 Cover  OPE  Black, B420dn Black
44019704 Cover  OPE (287) (BLACK), B420dn Black
43994702 Cover  Rear (BLACK), B420dn Black
43994804 Cover Stacker (600) (BLACK), B420dn Black
43906101 Cover Front Sub (Beige), B420dn
43910701 Cover Side L (Beige), B420dn
43910702 Cover Side L (Black), B420dn Black
43910801 Cover Side R (Beige), B420dn
43910802 Cover Side R (Black), B420dn Black
43994707 COVER: REAR BLACK, B420dn Black
43908003 COVER: OPE (B420 BLACK), B420dn Black
43994902 Duplex (BLACK), B420dn Black
43994901 Duplex, B420dn
43995401 Eject Roller (FaceDown), B420dn
43400301 FAN MOTOR, B420dn
43993501 Frame  Lower, B420dn
43994201 Frame Manual, B420dn
43895001 Frame Retard, B420dn
43994103 Front  MPT (BLACK), B420dn Black
43993907 Fuser 120V, B420dn
43993908 Fuser 230V, B420dn
43905402 Gear Clutch (blue cable), B420dn
43905201 Gear Idle Drum Z27 82, B420dn
43905001 Gear Idle Heat Z27  55, B420dn
43904401 Gear Idle Z33, B420dn
41279801 GEAR PRESSURE, B420dn Black
51229201 GEAR: EJECT ROLLER IDLE, B420dn
41279701 GEAR REGIST, B420dn
43995901 Guide Paper (Adhesive), B420dn
43906001 Guide Paper Front (Beige), B420dn
43993001 HOLDER: SNS , B420dn
43448601 HOLDER BU, B420dn
43330801 HOLDER HEAD, B420dn
41279501 HOLDER REGIST L, B420dn
41279601 HOLDER REGIST R, B420dn
43406901 LED HEAD UNIT  51STB, B420dn
43903301 Lever  in sensor, B420dn
43900401 LEVER: END f, B420dn
43904001 LEVER: RESET RIGHT, B420dn
43903601 LEVER: RESET, B420dn
43206401 LEVER EJECT SENSOR, B420dn
43906601 Motor  DC Main, B420dn
43963701 PCB  87H (HVPS), B420dn
43932701 PCB: PWR UNIT ACDC Switch, B420dn
55631301 PHOTO INTERRUPTER, B420dn
43911201 Plate Cover Shield CU, B420dn
43993502 Plate: PCB 230V, B420dn
43992704 PLATE: BASE 530 SHEET BLACK (B420), B420dn Black
44002201 Roller BackUp, B420dn
43995301 Roller Eject (FaceUp), B420dn
42299701 Roller Guide, B420dn
43903701 Roller Regist, B420dn Black
43000601 ROLLER: FEED, B420dn
42699401 ROLLER: PICKUP, B420dn
43355101 Roller: Pinch, B420dn
43222001 ROLLER BIAS FU, B420dn
44071801 Shaft Roller Feed, B420dn
43988401 Solenoid, B420dn
43649701 SPONGE: ROLLER, B420dn
41584101 SPRING BIAS, B420dn
43467601 SPRING HEAD, B420dn
42797101 SPRING SENSOR IN, B420dn
40386501 SPRING SNS (F/R), B420dn
43401401 SPRING TR, B420dn
43979601 Transfer Roller (282), B420dn


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