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OKIDATA printer repair parts

OKI B710, B720, B730 Mono Laser Printer Repair Parts

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Part Number


45484501 ABSORBER: SOFT, B760f
53357635 Actuator Exit, B710n, B720n, B730n
53357520 ACTUATOR FULL STACK, B720dn, B730
53355522 ACTUATOR NO PAPER, B710n, B720 B730
53357711 Actuator, B710n, B720, B730
45059101 ADF ASSY, B760f
50242502 ASSY: ROS 47/42 PPM  (B710/720), B710n, B720n
58284203 B710/720 Maintenance, B710n, B720n
58284204 B730 Maintenance, B730n
51613201 Bearing Exit, B710n, B720n, B730n
51253920 BTR ASSY J2, B710n, B720n, B730n
45053601 CAM: HINGE (FB), B760f
50242402 Cassette Assy 150 sheet, B710n, B720n, B730n
50242401 cassette Assy 500, B710n, B720n, B730n
45373001 CASSETTE: ASSY, B721dn, B731n, B760f
53362801 Chute 550 Lower, B710n, B720n, B730n
53362122 Chute BTM, B710n, B720n, B730n
53355242 CHUTE TRANSFER, B710n, B720n, B730n
58276390 CHUTE UP 550 45, B710n, B720n, B730n
44261406 Clutch 3.5 MTP CL, B760f
51402211 CLUTCH ASSY PH, B710n, B720n, B730n
51402141 CLUTCH ONE WAY FEED, B710n, B720n, B730n
51402151 CLUTCH ONE WAY NUDGE, B710n, B720n, B730n
45366001 CLUTCH, B721dn, B731dn, B760f
44716101 CLUTCH: HOP OP, B760f
45271401 CONN: CORD JST3P-INLET (FX757), B760f
45358701 CONNECTOR: CORD JST3P SW, B760f
50242701 Conpane Assy, B710n, B720n, B730n
53101701 Cover Open, B710n, B720n, B730n
53101501 Cover Rear J3, B710n, B720n, B730n
53101703 Cover Right, B710dn, B710n, B720n, B730n
53101704 Cover Stopper, B710n, B720n, B730n
45376501 COVER: ASSY FRONT, B721dn, B731dn
45061402 COVER: ASSY LF, B760f
45378701 COVER: ASSY STACKER, B721dn, B731dn
53087991 Cover: CST (cassett), B710n, B720n, B730n
45375101 EJECT: ASSY, B721dn, B731dn
55111403 ESS OKI J3 (B710/720/730) VER 10.8A, B710dn
53357350 EXIT ASSY 45 500, B710n, B720n, B730n
56521780 FAN MAIN 80, B710dn, B710n, B720n, B730n 
56521510 FAN MAIN, B710dn, B710n, B720n, B730n
56521461 FAN SUB, B710n, B720n, B730n
56526901 FAN: MOTOR U80T24MUA7-53J10, B760f
50242801 Feeder Assy 150 , B710n, B720n, B730n
45377801 FEEDER: ASSY REGIST, B721dn, B731dn, B760f
50231400 FEEDER2 ASSY 250-J2, B710n, B720n, B730n
56640660 FFC ASSY ESS , B710n, B720n, B730dn, B730n
45060101 FRAME: ASSY RETARD, B760f
43895001 Frame Assy Retard, B721dn, B731dn, B760f
53101502 Front Cover , B710dn, B710n, B720n, B730n, B730dn
50242603 Fuser Assy 110V (B710/720)
50242601 Fuser Assy 110V (B730)
50242604 Fuser Assy 220V (B710/720)
50242602 Fuser Assy 220V B730n
45379304 FUSER: ASSY PN298 SPARE 120V, B721dn, B731dn, B760f
51251480 Gear 21, B710n, B720n, B730n
51251491 GEAR 25-1, B710n, B720n, B730n
51251501 GEAR 25-2, B710n, B720n, B730n
51251353 GEAR 9, B710n, B720n, B730n
51251670 GEAR NUDGER, B710n, B720n, B730n
53355753 GEAR PLATE ASSY, B710n, B720n, B730n
51255801 GEAR: HOUSING J2 (B6500/B710/B720/B730)
51035401 Guide Assy CRU L, B710n, B720n, B730n
51031901 GUIDE CRU LEFT, B710n, B720n, B730n
51029783 GUIDE END 150, B710n, B720n, B730n
51030786 Guide end 550 sheet, B710n, B720n, B730n
51035403 GUIDE: CRU R J3 B710/720/730/MPS730B, B710dn
51030695 GUIDE: TRAY RIGHT, B710n, B720n, B730n
51035403 GUIDE:ASSY CRU R J3 B710/720/730/MPS730B
56743932 HARNESS ASSY ANT (J15-J150), B710n, B710n, B720n, B730n
56746501 Harness Assy CNPN, B710n, B720n, B730n
56743590 HARNESS ASSY TR, B710n, B720n, B730n
56743610 HARNESS, B710n, B720n, B730n
45060901 HINGE: ASSY (L), B760f
45061001 HINGE: ASSY (R), B760f
45378401 HOLDER: ASSY HEAD, B731dn
50936501 HOLDER: SPRING RETARD, B710n, B720n, B730n
50813070 LEVER CRU FUSER RH J2, B710n, B720n, B730n
50816701 Lever CRU Fuser RH, B730n
50812662 LEVER: FUSER LH , B710d , B720n, B730n
45045801 LEVER: HOPPING, B760f
50813352 LEVER: LINK, B710n, B720n, B730n
51255061 Link Gear 3, B710n, B720n, B730n
50813431 Lock CST L, B710n, B720n, B730n
56526401 Main Motor J3 (B730), B730n
56521930 MAIN MOTOR, B710dn , B720n, B730n, B710n
55111602 MCU-HV (B710), B710dn 
55111903 MCU-HV 220v (B710), B710dn 
56522020 MOTOR ASSY EXIT MTM, B710dn, B710n, B720n, B730n
45049401 MOTOR: ADF, B760f
45371201 MOTOR: DC (F), B721dn, B731dn,B731f
45363001 MOTOR: DC ID, B721dn, B731dn, B760f
45488201 MOTOR: FAN (60), B721dn, B731dn, B760f
45488202 MOTOR: FAN (60), B721dn, B731dn
45163401 MOTOR: FAN (80), B760f
45272001 OPE PANEL: UNIT, B760f
50137550 Panel Rear J2 NET, B710dn, B710n, B720n, B720dn, B730dn
45102001 PCB, B721dn, B731dn
45102003 PCB: 99M MAINTENANCE (B731), B731dn
45296201 PCB: MAINTENANCE 8PU, B760f
45169801 PCB: OR BOARD 7RL, B760f
45169401 PCB: OR BOARD 7SU, B760f
45554906 PCB: ST CU (MONO), B760f
45554903 PCB: ST HELENS DIMM, B760f
45554904 PCB: ST HELENS HDD, B760f
45554902 PCB: ST HELENS SRAM, B760f
56128501 PHOTO COUPLER: LG248BL1, B760f
45037501 PLATE: HINGE (FB), B760f
56422801 Power Supply - LV 120V, B710n, B720n, B730dn
56422802 Power Supply LV 230v, B710n, B720n, B730n
45098901 POWER SUPPLY: HIGH VOLTAGE, B721dn, B731dn, b760f
45280101 POWER UNIT: ACDC SWITCH, B721dn, B731dn
45271601 POWER: ASSY FX757, B760f
55111601 PWB Assy MCU-HV (720), B720n
55111501 PWB Assy MCU-HV (730), B730n
55111602 PWB Assy MCU-HV (B710), B710n
55111903 PWB ASSY MCU-HV 220v (B710), B710n
55111902 PWB ASSY MCU-HV 220V (B720), B720n
55111901 PWB Assy MCU-HV 220v (B730), B730n
55093484 PWBA: ASSY ANT, B710dn, B720n, B730n
55111403 PWBA:ESS OKI J3 (B710/720/730) VER 10.8A
53357001 RETARD HOLDER , B710n, B720n, B730n
53355691 ROLL ASSY RETARD 3 pieces, B710n, B720n, B730n
50427701 Roll Assy Sub , B710n, B720, B730n
50427801 Roll Pinch Exit, B710n, B720n, B730n
50421460 ROLL REGI RUBBER J2, B710n, B720n, B730n
44732301 ROLLER: ASSY RETARD, B760f
44750301 ROLLER: FEED NOW, B760f
43000601 ROLLER: FEED, B760f
42699401 ROLLER: PICKUP, B760f
50231870 ROS ASSY 45-1200, B710n, B720n, B730n
50242501 ROS Assy 52-1200 (B730), B730n
50422213 SENSOR, B710n, B720n, B730n
50421301 SENSOR: TONER ASSY, B710n, B720n, B730n
45038201 SHAFT: GUIDE (HINGE), B760f
45037601 SLEEVE: HINGE (FB), B760f
45037701 SLIDER: HINGE (FB), B760f
42058303 SOLENOID, B760f
45037801 SPRING: HINGE (FB), B760f
56215150 SWITCH ASSY EXIT J2, B710n, B720n, B730n
53101603 Top Cover (B710), B710n
53101602 Top Cover (B720), B720n
53101601 Top Cover (B730), B730n
45379002 TRANSPORT-FRONT (FN), B760f
51030537 TRAY GUIDE L, B710n, B720n, B730n
44901702 WIRELESS LAN (OKILAN 520W), B721dn, B731dn
50936093 Xing Regi, B710n, B720n, B730n


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