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LEXMARK X850e, X852e, X854e MFP printer repair parts

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Description Part Number
128MB DDR-DRAM 40X1508
256MB DDR-DRAM 40X1509
2x 500-Sheet Drawer, Dual Input Controller card 40X2735
32MB Flash Card 40X1454
512MB DDR-DRAM 40X1510
64MB Flash Card 40X1455
9-pin to Coax (BNC) cable 40X0251
9-pin to Twinax cable 40X0250
AC drive card 110 V 40X2314
AC power input socket 40X2313
ADF angle actuator 40X2224
ADF controller card 40X2260
ADF exit roll assembly 40X2335
ADF feed motor 40X2327
ADF feed out roll 40X2334
ADF feed pick roll 40X2280
ADF front cover 40X2245
ADF interface cable 40X2259
ADF left cover 40X2262
ADF left cover handle 40X2274
ADF left hinge 40X2257
ADF main feed 40X2383
ADF main feed cable 40X2288
ADF Maintenance Kit X850e, X852e, X854E 40X2734
ADF rear cover 40X2244
ADF registration motor 40X2325
ADF registration pinch, frame 40X2371
ADF registration roll 40X2333
ADF right hinge 40X2258
ADF transport roll 40X2336
ADF unit complete 40X2240
Bin full actuator 40X0657
Bin full actuator 40X0808
Card for IPDS and SCS/TNe, X850e, X852e, X854E 40X5933
Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation, X850e, X852e, X854E 40X5260
Card, Bar Code X850e, X852e, X854E 40X5256
Card, PrintCryption X850e, X852e, X854E 40X5259
CCD card and lens assembly 40X2220
CCD ribbon cable 40X2211
Docking latch kit 40X0802
Docking lock (2) 40X0790
Document set actuator 40X2283
Document set front stop 40X2279
Document set LED 40X2272
Document set rear stop 40X2381
Document set, sheet through cable 40X2264
Document tray 40X2242
Document tray hinge 40X2243
Drive belt flange 40X0661
Drive gear 40X0736
Drive motor 40X3664
Dual drive motor 40X0660
Dual drive motor cable 40X0685
Duplex cable 40X0788
Duplex controller card 40X0786
Duplex drive gear 40X0781
Duplex drive motor 40X0785
Duplex left cover 40X0787
Duplex left door handle 40X0782
Duplex left door support strap 40X0789
Duplex lower guide 40X0783
Duplex media transport pinch roll kit 40X0792
Duplex media transport roll kit 40X0793
Duplex unit 40X0780
Duplex wait actuator kit 40X0784
Exit 1 drive belt 40X0659
Exit 1 media exit guide kit 40X1392
Exit 1 media shift 40X2384
Exit 1 media shift gear 40X0653
Exit 1 sensor cable assembly 40X0650
Exit 1 static eliminator 40X1391
Exit 2 actuator 40X0809
Exit 2 cooling fan 40X0807
Exit 2 left door handle kit 40X0795
Exit 2 left door support strap 40X0797
Exit 2 media shift gear 40X0803
Exit 2 unit 40X0794
Exit interface cable 40X0679
Exit interface card 40X0664
Exit roll drive belt 40X2347
Exit roll drive pulley 20T 40X2342
Exposure lamp 40X2237
Exposure lamp PS card 40X2353
Exposure lamp PS ribbon cable 40X2236
Fax interface card 40X2360
Feed motor cable 40X2266
Feed roll one-way clutch kit 40X0591
Feed unit roll kit 40X0594
Feed-out roll drive pulley 25/28T 40X2341
Flatbed scanner unit 40X2206
Forms Card, X850e, X852e, X854E 40X4253
Forms Card, X850e, X852e, X854E 40X5257
Front cover 40X0799
Front inner cover 40X0562
Front interior cover 40X2296
Front left cover 40X2294
Fuser AC cable 40X2368
Fuser assembly 110V 40X2307
Fuser assembly 220V 40X2308
Fuser cooling fan 40X0640
Fuser exit actuator 40X0645
Fuser Maintenance Kit 220V X850e, X852e, X854E 40X2376
Fuser Maintenance Kit 110V X850e, X852e, X854E 40X2375
Grease, Nyogel 744 99A0394
Hard drive 40X3662
Hard drive data cable 40X2370
Hard drive power cable 40X2369
HCF hookup connector 40X0673
HVPS 40X0662
Interconnect card 40X2359
Interlock switch cable 40X0683
Inverter gate 40X2289
Inverter lever 40X2256
Inverter solenoid 40X2271
Large idler pulley 40X0708
Large platen glass 40X2208
Large platen glass retainer 40X2218
Large platen glass retainer cover 40X2209
Laser opening guide 40X0635
Left cover 40X0690
Left cover 40X0798
Left cover hinge retainer 40X2267
Left cover media guide 40X2321
Left cover pinch roll 40X2276
Left door 40X0733
Left door 40X0620
Left door assembly handle 40X0621
Left door duplex entrance guide 40X0623
Left door pinch roll 40X0696
Left door support strap 40X0624
Left door support strap 40X0697
Left lower cover 40X0550
Left lower door 40X0612
Left lower door handle kit 40X0614
Left upper cover 40X2297
Lift cable pulley 40X0706
Locking caster 40X0691
LVPS cooling fan 40X2311
Main cable 40X0737
Main cable 40X3666
Main switch cable 40X2319
Manual feed drive belt 40X2345
Manual feed drive pulley 40X2344
Manual feed drive wheel 40X2346
Media diverter gate 40X0654
Media diverter gate 40X0796
Media diverter solenoid 40X0805
Media feed drive gear 40X0585
Media feed lift motor 40X0582
Media feed unit 40X0581
Media feed unit cable 40X0674
Media feed unit front guide 40X0586
Media guide actuator 40X2290
Media guide rack and pinion 40X0713
Media out actuator 40X0587
Media scan guide 40X2323
Media scan guide spring 40X2324
Media shift motor 40X0651
Media size switch cable 40X0676
Media transport roller 40X0695
Media tray asm 40X0573
Media tray catch 40X0714
Media tray catch kit 40X0569
Media tray end guide actuator 40X0579
Media tray end guide kit 40X0578
Media tray front cover 40X0574
Media tray lift gear kit 40X0580
Media tray lift one-way clutch and gear 40X0967
Media tray lift one-way shaft 40X0968
Media tray separation brush 40X0966
Media tray separation pad 40X0965
Media tray side guide actuator  40X0577
Media tray side guide kit 40X0576
Mirror retaining clip 40X2233
MPF drive gear 40X2373
MPF feed cam gear kit 40X0973
MPF feed drive gear kit 40X0971
MPF feed shaft  40X1382
MPF Fold down tray  40X0608
MPF hookup cable 40X0675
MPF Idler gear bracket  40X0598
MPF media out actuator  40X0596
MPF pick solenoid kit 40X0606
MPF pressure pad kit 40X0974
MPF transport drive gear 19/29T 40X2310
MPF transport drive motor 40X2309
MPF transport pinch roller 40X0601
MPF transport roll kit 40X0605
MPF unit cable 40X0597
Multi-connector cable (Assembly 2) 40X2367
Multi-connector cable (Assembly 3) 40X2318
Multi-connector cable assembly 1 40X0637
Multipurpose feed unit 40X0595
Multipurpose feeder front cover 40X0599
Multipurpose feeder pick roll kit 40X0603
Multipurpose feeder pickup spring 40X0755
Multipurpose feeder rear cover 40X0600
Mylar actuator 40X0717
Operator panel assembly (universal) 40X2736
Operator panel bezel (X854e) 40X2732
Operator panel cable 40X2203
Operator panel controller 40X2363
Operator panel inverter card 40X2364
Operator panel user touch screen 40X2362
Output guide 40X2389
PC cartridge cooling fan 40X0643
PC cartridge guide assembly 40X0634
PC cartridge interlock switch screw 40X1389
PC cartridge sensor connector 40X0644
PC cartridge shutter actuator 40X0622
PC cartridge shutter link 40X0618
PC cartridge stop 40X0631
Pick roller assembly spring 40X0590
Pick roller drive gear 40X0970
Pick roller idler gear 40X0969
Pick roller position cable 40X2278
Pick roller position motor 40X2277
Pinch roller kit 40X0806
Plastic ring clip kit 40X2291
Platen cushion 40X2239
Platen glass retainer 40X2215
Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, CA, LA 40X0269
Power Supply LVPS card Universal 40X2312
Print engine card 55 ppm 40X2380
Printer front door 40X2385
Printhead 40X0641
Printhead cable 40X2317
Rear corner cover 40X2299
Rear cover 40X0800
Rear interior cover 40X2295
Rear lower cap cover 40X2302
Rear lower cover (110V) 40X2386
Rear lower cover (220V) 40X2387
Rear motor cover 40X2300
Rear RIP card cover 40X2304
Rear Upper cover 40X2301
Registration clutch 40X0626
Registration main drive belt 40X2270
Registration main drive pulley 21/54T 40X2349
Registration motor cable 40X2265
Registration mylar guide 40X0628
Registration pad 40X2354
Registration roller drive pulley 28T 40X2340
Registration roller asm 40X0625
Registration secondary drive belt 40X2350
RFID sensor cable 40X0686
Right cover 40X0689
Right cover kit 40X0801
Right lower cover 40X0564
Right upper cover 40X0563
RIP card cable 40X0677
RIP controller card, EC2 40X4652
Scanner 1st mirror 40X2234
Scanner 2nd, 3rd mirror 40X2232
Scanner controller card 40X2210
Scanner cooling fan 40X2231
Scanner drive belt 40X2226
Scanner drive motor 40X2228
Scanner drive motor tension spring 40X2229
Scanner filter 40X2216
Scanner interface cable 40X2219
Scanner left cover 40X2205
Scanner main cable 40X2212
Scanner PS cable 40X2207
Scanner PS card 40X2225
Scanner right cover 40X2201
Scanner top rear cover 40X2200
Sensor (document tray length 1, 2) 40X2328
Sensor (For ADF) 40X2223
Sensor (fuser exit, bin full, media out, level, shift) 40X0588
Sensor (humidity & temperature) 40X0633
Sensor (platen length APS 2, APS 1) 40X2320
Sensor (pre-feed, tray 2 feed-out, ADF registration) 40X0589
Sensor (registration) 40X0627
Sensor (RFID toner, PC cartridge) 40X0636
Sensor (tray 3 feed-out) kit 40X0692
Sensor (tray 4 feed-out) 40X0727
Sensor cable kit 40X0693
Separation roller friction clutch kit 40X0593
Separation roller guide 40X2273
Serial Interface Card RS-232 40X0290
Sheet through actuator 40X2275
Small platen glass 40X2214
Small platen glass front retainer 40X2213
Solenoid, interlock cable 40X2248
Switch (ADF left cover interlock) 40X2286
Switch (door interlock) 40X0553
Switch (left door interlock) 40X0610
Switch (main power) 40X2388
Switch (media size switch) 40X0729
Switch (media size) 40X0570
Switch (PC cartridge interlock) kit 40X1390
Switch (platen interlock) 40X2222
Toner add motor 40X0639
Toner cartridge guide 40X0638
Top cover 40X0687
Top cover 40X0558
Top cover 40X2366
Transfer roller 40X0616
Transfer roller guide 40X0619
Transfer roller power contact 40X0617
Transport motor support busing 40X2374
Transport roll drive gear 40X2372
Transport roll drive gear 20T 40X2343
Transport rollerkit 40X1387
Tray 2 feed-out sensor guide 40X0630
Tray 3 brake assembly 40X0715
Tray 3 front cable (2) 40X0710
Tray 3 front cover kit 40X0705
Tray 3 lift gear 40X0734
Tray 3 media guide lock 40X0712
Tray 3 rear cable (2) 40X0709
Tray 3 slide kit 40X0716
Tray 4 brake kit 40X0722
Tray 4 feed-out sensor cable 40X0730
Tray 4 front cable (2) 40X0720
Tray 4 front cover 40X0718
Tray 4 lift gear 40X0735
Tray 4 media guide 40X0728
Tray 4 media guide lock 40X0721
Tray 4 media transport 40X0724
Tray 4 rear cable (2) 40X0719
Tray 4 rear support roll (2) 40X0723
Tray 4 stopper 40X0704
Tray lift coupling 40X0583
Tray lift pulley 40X0953
Tray lift shaft 40X0707
Tray separator 40X0711
Tray support roll (4) 40X0703
TVOC filter 40X2382
Upper vertical turn guide 40X0732
USB connector 40X0556
USB interface card 40X2365
Vertical drive gear 40X0609
Vertical turn guide 40X0572
Vertical turn mylar guide 40X0571

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