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LEXMARK X642e, X644e, X646e MFP printer repair parts

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Part Number Description
40X3296 ADF asm, complete X642e
40X0450 ADF asm, complete X644e / X646e
56P1228 bellcrank 250 sheet paper tray
40X0479 belt, flatbed CCD drive
40X0482 belts, scanner
40X0046 board, paper size sensing
40X0151 board, USB
40X0507 cable, 30-pin modem
40X0487 cable, flatbed CCD ribbon
40X0510 cable, hard disk 4-pin power cable X646e
40X0509 cable, hard disk IDE 50-pin, X646e
40X3479 card PrintCryption X642e
40X3477 card, bar code X642e
40X2792 card, bar code X644e X646e
40X3312 card asm, flatbed interconnect X642e
40X0485 card, flatbed interconnect X644e / X646e
40X4263 card, asm, forms X642e
40X4258 card, forms X644e / X646e
40X0520 card, interface
40X2529 card, IPDS SCS/Tne X644e / X646e
40X0519 card, modem
40X0486 card, motor driver
40X3305 card, scanner control X642e
40X0498 card, scanner control X644e / X646e
40X0452 cover, ADF top
40X0001 cover, fuser wiper
40X0470 cover, left
40X0471 cover, right
40X0467 cover, upper
40X0469 cover, upper sub
40X3299 cover bezel with Lexmark logo X642e
40X3313 cover bezel with Lexmark logo X644e
40X0476 cover bezel with Lexmark logo X646e
40X0474 cover front
40X3309 cover hinge asm, upper front X642e
40X0515 cover hinge asm, upper front X644e / X646e
40X0464 cover, ADF front
40X0465 cover, ADF rear
40X0463 cover, ADF scan
40X0513 cover, flatbed closed actuator
40X0514 cover, flatbed closing actuator
40X0120 cover, fuser wiper cavity
40X0472 cover, left side
40X0473 cover, right side
40X0475 cover, scan
40X0468 cover, upper tray (paper support)
40X0466 cushion, flatbed white
40X0079 deflector asm, multipurpose feeder, lower
40X0039 developer support roller
40X3243 drawer asm, 500 sheet option, complete
56P4102 duplex asm, 500 sheet
40X3248 envelope option, complete
40X0249 fan, EP DC
40X0054 fan, main with cable-500 sheet output
40X0076 flag, multipurpose feeder paper out
40X0072 flag, paper out-500 sheet tray
40X2592 fuser w/115V lamp
40X2590 fuser w/220V lamp
40X0121 fuser cover kit
40X0122 fuser lamp, 115V
40X0123 fuser lamp, 220V
40X0044 gear guard
40X0107 gearbox with motor
40X0483 glass, flatbed contact
40X3311 guide, lower exit, scanner, X642e
40X4656 guide, upper entrance kit, X642, X644, X646
40X0460 guide, lower exit, scanner, X644e / X646e
40X0059 guide, extension
40X0489 hard disk X646e
40X3304 LCD (mono) touchscreen inverter card X642e
40X3301 LCD mono touchscreen display, X642e
40X0494 LCD touchscreen display X644e / X646e
40X0497 LCD touchscreen inverter card
40X0458 module ADF CCD, scanner, X644e / X646e
40X0478 module, flatbed CCD
40X0462 motor, ADF scan
40X0486 motor driver card, scanner
40X0461 motor, feed (ADF feed) scan
40X0480 motor, flatbed scan
40X0495 operator panel cover left, X644e / X646e
40X0496 operator panel cover right, X644e / X646e
40X3302 operator panel cover asm, left X642e
40X3303 operator panel cover asm, right X642e
40X3230 paper drawer, 250 sheet, complete option
40X0084 paper feed alignment
40X0042 paper feed deflector, inner
40X0040 paper feed deflector, upper
40X0481 parts packet, sensors (home sensor)
40X0066 pick arm 500 sheet
40X3232 pick arm, 250 option
40X0310 pick arm, multipurpose with solenoid
40X0456 pick arm, solenoid
40X0070 pick tires, pick roll
40X0453 pick up, scanner feed
40X0486 pickup arm solenoid
40X0260 power cord set
40X0517 power supply LVPS / AIO 115V
56P4244 power supply, high voltage
40X0111 power takeoff shaft 500 sheet
40X0062 printhead
40X0030 redrive 500 sheet in, 500 sheet out
40X0027 redrive deflector, upper
40X0232 redrive door 500 sheet
40X0127 roller, charge, dual
40X0130 roller, transfer
40X3298 scanner, complete flatbed X642e
40X0457 scanner, complete flatbed X644e / X642e
40X0491 sensor, flatbed paper size
40X0516 spring, counterbalance
40X2722 system board, network, X644e / X646e
40X3310 system board, X642e
40X2799 torque limiter, scanner paper feed
40X0032 transfer deflector with brush
40X0098 tray, 500 sheet tray
56P4150 tray, complete 500 sheet option
40X3297 tray, document X642e
40X0451 tray, document X644e / 646e
40X0493 tray, multipurpose
40X3231 tray, option 250 sheet

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