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Lexmark MX912dxe MFP 7421- 436 laser printer repair parts

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Description Part Number
ADF / Scanner image controller card 40X9210
ADF bin paper stopper 40X9943
ADF cable 40X9212
ADF CIS cable 40X9678
ADF CIS clean motor 40X9220
ADF cushion 40X8866
ADF document exit roller 40X8891
ADF door latch 40X8875
ADF door open sensor cable 40X9689
ADF duplex scan glass 40X8933
ADF exit roller 40X9953
ADF exit roller gear 40X9687
ADF feed and pick roller assembly 40X8878
ADF feed gear 40X9950
ADF feed motor 40X8884
ADF feed motor cable 40X9683
ADF feed roller 40X9681
ADF frame 40X8862
ADF glass clean encoder 40X9694
ADF ground cable 40X8877
ADF Maintenance Kit 40X9672
ADF paper length 2 sensor actuator (A4) 40X9748
ADF paper length 2 sensor actuator (Legal) 40X8872
ADF paper width sensor 40X8870
ADF pick belt 40X8880
ADF pick roller 40X8879
ADF registration gear 40X9952
ADF registration guide 40X9949
ADF registration motor 40X8887
ADF registration motor 40X8889
ADF registration motor cable 40X8888
ADF registration roller 40X9951
ADF Scan motor / Transport gear 40X9685
ADF scan motor belt 40X8890
ADF scan motor cable 40X9684
ADF scan roller 1 40X8894
ADF scan roller 2 40X8893
ADF scan roller 2 gear 40X9686
ADF scan roller 3 gear 40X9688
ADF scan sensor 40X9211
ADF scan sensor cable 40X9690
ADF scan shaft release motor 40X8896
ADF scan/exit roller belt 40X8892
ADF sensor cable 40X9679
ADF separator pad 40X8882
ADF separator roller 40X9682
ADF top cover sensor cable 40X9680
ADF tray 40X9941
ADF tray cable 40X8873
Belt 40X9214
Bin side cover 40X8914
Bottom front door 40X9760
Bottom front door hinge 40X9761
Card for IPDS, MX91x 41X0012
Card for PRESCRIBE Emulation, MX91x 41X0011
Card reader - large snap on case 40X8314
Card reader - large stick on case 40X8312
Card reader - small snap on case 40X8313
Card reader - small stick on case 40X8311
Carriage belt 40X8941
Carriage gear 40X8942
Cave light LED cable 40X9974
Cave light lens 40X9971
CCD cable 40X8935
CCD lens asm 40X8937
CIS asmy 40X9216
CIS clean cam 40X9958
CIS clean gear 40X9957
CIS clean motor cable 40X9699
CIS clean roller belt 40X9960
CIS clean roller primary gear 40X9959
CIS clean roller secondary gear 40X9961
CIS clean sensor cable 40X9700
CIS data cable 40X8865
CIS glass clean gear 40X9693
CIS glass clean motor cable 40X9695
CIS jam access handle 40X9955
CIS jam access latch 40X9956
CIS power supply cable 40X9218
CIS power supply card 40X9217
CIS power supply card cable 40X9696
Clean encoder belt 40X9691
Contact 40X8962
Controller card 40X8860
Controller card 40X9663
Controller card access cover 40X8910
Controller card fan 40X9209
Cover open sensor actuator 40X8931
Developer motor 40X9564
Developer unit 40X9936
Diverter solenoid 40X9161
Door frame 40X9947
Door switch 40X9527
Duplex transport asm 40X9031
Duplex transport belt 40X9036
Duplex transport clutch 40X9166
Duplex transport clutch gear 40X9725
Duplex transport jam removal knob 40X9998
Duplex transport motor 40X9037
Engine card cover 40X8909
Engine controller card 40X9207
Engine controller card cable 40X9744
English Keyboard Kit 41X0030
Erase LED 40X8960
Erase LED cable 40X9977
Exhaust filter 40X9184
Exit clutch belt 40X9156
Exit guide  40X9159
Exit sensor actuator 40X9039
Exit sensor actuator 40X9484
Exit sensor cable 40X9599
Exit sensor cable 40X9701
Exit sensor cable 40X9723
Exit sensor housing 40X8895
Expansion controller card 40X9199
Fan 40X8945
Fan (Fuser, ADF) 40X9041
Fan (toner suction, paper exit) 40X8859
Fax card 40X7854
Feed / Separator roller 40X8970
Feed drive assembly 40X9727
Feed drive belt 40X9174
Feed motor belt 40X9173
Feed motor gear 40X9726
Finisher interface cable 40X8907
Forms and Bar Code Card, MX91x 41X0010
Front cover 40X8863
Front inner cover 40X8916
Front left lift handle 40X8979
Front lower cover 40X8904
Front paper guide 40X9942
Front right lift handle 40X8977
Fuser 40X9046
Fuser drive gearbox 40X9177
Fuser exit clutch 40X9178
Fuser pressure primary gear 40X9729
Fuser pressure secondary gear 40X9730
Fuser temperature sensor with cable 40X9047
Fuser transport primary gear 40X9731
Fuser transport secondary gear 40X9732
Fusing speed sensor cable 40X9990
Gear (Registration  unit, duplex transport) 40X9012
Glass clean motor 40X9213
High voltage card 40X9193
High voltage charge cable 40X9194
High voltage charge contact 40X9191
High voltage developer contact 40X9192
High voltage toner charge cable 40X9734
High voltage transfer cable 40X9733
Humidity sensor 40X8997
Idler roller 40X9948
Image controller card 40X8946
Imaging unit maintenance kit 40X9704
Induction heater (100V) 40X9044
Induction heater (230V) 40X9045
Induction heater magnetic erase card 40X9198
Induction heater magnetic erase card cable 40X9735
Induction heater power supply cable 40X9736
Induction heater power supply, 100V 40X9196
Induction heater power supply, 230V 40X9197
Integrated tray 1 sensor cables 40X8972
Integrated tray 2 transport drive gear 40X9980
Integrated tray paper feed clutch 40X8971
Integrated trays 1 and 2 paper feed unit 40X8966
Lamp 40X8938
Lamp cable 40X8939
Left cover 40X8898
Left cover 40X8926
Left hinge 40X8864
Lower front door strap 40X8919
Lower registration gear 40X9710
Main drive  40X9164
Main power supply fan with duct 40X9205
Main power supply, 100V 40X9203
Main power supply, 230V 40X9204
Main power switch 40X8917
Maintenance Kit, 330K 40X9669
MarkNet N8350 802.11b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit 40X7858
Memory, 1GB x32 DDR3 RAM 40X7567
Memory, 256MB flash card 40X8555
Memory, 2GB x32 DDR3 RAM 40X7445
Motor (toner cartridge, fuser pressure) 40X9179
Motor (transport, fuser) 40X9163
MPF feed clutch 40X9023
MPF feed clutch gear 40X9719
MPF feed roller 40X9995
MPF lift plate cam 40X9996
MPF lift plate clutch 40X9720
MPF lift plate sensor cable 40X9716
MPF lift plate solenoid 40X9024
MPF paper length sensor actuator 40X9026
MPF paper length sensor cable 40X9721
MPF paper width sensor 40X9030
MPF paper width sensor cable 40X9722
MPF separator gear 40X9022
MPF separator idler gear 40X9718
MPF separator roller 40X9615
Multipurpose feeder (MPF) 40X9027
Multipurpose Feeder Maintenance Kit 40X9673
Noise filter card cable 40X9737
Noise filter card, 100V 40X9200
Noise filter card, 230V 40X9201
Operator panel 40X9661
Operator panel base 40X8925
Operator panel bottom cover 40X9973
Operator panel cable guide lower cover 40X9967
Operator panel cable guide upper cover 40X9969
Operator panel cable kit 41X0453
Operator panel cover 41X0452
Operator panel hinge 40X9964
Operator panel mount 40X9972
Operator panel touch screen display, 10" 41X0454
Operator panel user interface controller card (UICC) 41X0455
Ozone fan 40X9185
Ozone fan with duct 40X9182
Ozone filter 40X9183
Ozone filter duct 40X9188
Paper bail 40X9042
Paper feed sensor cable 40X9987
Paper guide gear 40X9747
Paper guide rack 40X9945
Paper length sensor 40X8985
Paper width sensor 40X8989
Parallel 1284-B interface card 40X4823
Photoconductor cable 40X8961
Photoconductor release lever 40X9978
Pick roller 40X9925
Port access door 40X9763
Port mount 40X8912
Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Straight, US, CA, LA 40X7104
Power socket 40X9741
Power socket cable 40X9740
Power socket mount 40X9402
Power socket with cable 40X9739
Power-saving card 40X9189
Printhead 40X8949
Printhead cable 40X8948
Printhead cleaner 40X8905
Printhead relay card 40X8947
Rear cover 40X8858
Rear cover 40X8921
Rear left cover 40X8899
Rear left lift handle 40X8980
Rear paper guide 40X9940
Redrive belt 40X9724
Redrive exit guide 40X9167
Redrive exit sensor actuator 40X9714
Redrive exit sensor cable 40X9644
Redrive motor 40X9155
Registration cable 40X9007
Registration drive gear 40X9991
Registration motor 40X9171
Registration motor gear 40X8995
Registration primary gear 40X9706
Registration secondary gear 40X9707
Registration transport  40X8994
Registration unit  40X9011
Registration unit belt 40X9013
Registration unit handle 40X9994
Registration unit lock 40X9992
Registration unit lock shaft 40X9993
Right cover 40X8923
Right door cover 40X9997
Right door handle 40X9711
Right door lock support 40X9715
Right door lower lock 40X9713
Right door middle lock 40X9712
Right door switch actuator 40X9020
Right door upper lock 40X9019
Right hinge 40X8861
Roller clutch 40X9981
RS-232C serial interface card 40X4819
Scanner controller card 40X8934
Scanner drive motor 40X8940
Scanner drive motor cable 40X9975
Scanner glass 40X8928
Scanner interface cable cover 40X9762
Scanner mirror 40X9976
Scanner sensor cable 40X9702
Screw hole cover 40X8924
Screwdriver 40X9962
Sensor 40X8869
Sensor (ADF paper length 1) 40X8868
Sensor (feed, exit, door) 40X9313
Sensor (paper feed, transport) 40X8968
Sensor (scanner cover switch) 40X8930
Sensor (scanner paper length 1, 2) 40X8932
Sensor (tray 1 and 2 paper temperature) 40X9190
Separator / Roller clutch 40X9455
Separator roller 40X9927
Speaker 40X9968
Speaker cover 40X9966
Standard bin 40X9924
Standard bin base 40X8897
Standard bin paper bail 40X8974
Timing belt 40X8885
Toner cartridge drive assembly 40X9223
Toner cartridge relay contact cable 40X9750
Toner density sensor 40X8999
Toner density sensor cable 40X9708
Toner density solenoid 40X8998
Toner supply motor 40X8956
Toner supply motor cable 40X8957
Top cover 40X8922
Top cover 40X9946
Top front door 40X8900
Top front door inner hinge 40X9917
Top front door outer hinge 40X8906
Transfer belt cable 40X8963
Transfer belt fan duct 40X8944
Transfer belt paper guide 40X9979
Transfer roller 40X9010
Transport motor gear 40X9165
Tray 1 insert 40X8990
Tray 2 insert 40X8992
Tray 2 transport drive assembly 40X9728
Tray 2 transport drive belt 40X9639
Tray 2 transport guide 40X8920
Tray base left cover 40X9988
Tray bottom cover 40X9944
Tray empty board cable 40X8901
Tray empty board cover 40X8902
Tray empty board mount 40X9758
Tray empty indicator (LED) 40X8903
Tray empty sensor actuator 40X9899
Tray feed cable 40X8984
Tray guide wheel 40X9305
Tray handle 40X9186
Tray insert 2500-sheet tray insert (A4) 40X9576
Tray insert rail 40X8982
Tray insert, 2500-sheet tray insert (Letter) 40X9602
Tray lift motor 40X8987
Tray near empty sensor actuator 40X9308
Tray paper length guide 40X9306
Tray rail guide wheel 40X8981
Tray set actuator 40X9982
Tray size sensing assembly 40X8988
Tray stopper 40X9989
Tray transport roller 40X9983
Tray transport sensor cable 40X9984
Upper rear cover 40X8908
USB cable, packaged (2 m) 40X1368
USB extension cable 40X9970
USB port cover 40X9965
Waste toner bottle latch 40X8915
Waste toner door switch 40X9963
Waste toner duct 40X8959

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