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Lexmark MS510dn, 4514-630, MS517dn mono printer repair parts

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Description (MS510dn, 4514-630) Part Number
ACM (autocompensator mechanism)  40X8261
ACM (autocompensator mechanism)  40X8262
Bezel, MS510dn 40X8066
Cable, USB 2 m 40X1368
Card, forms and Bar Code MS510dn, MS610dn 40X8603
Card, MS510dn, MS610dn Card for IPDS 40X8604
Card, MS510dn, MS610dn for PRESCRIBE Emulation 40X8605
Cartridge gearbox 40X8083
Cartridge plunger 40X9148
Cartridge smart chip contact 40X8266
Controller card, MS510dn (galvo LSU) 40X8029
Controller card, MS510dn (polygon LSU) 41X0366
Cooling fan 40X8276
Cover Dust, 250-sheet tray 40X8520
Cover, Jam access  40X8279
Cover, Left 40X8053
Cover, Multipurpose feeder  40X9131
Cover, right  40X8052
Cover, Top  40X8055
Duplex / input sensor 40X8043
Duplex asm 40X8275
Duplex gear  40X8277
Front access cover 40X8056
Front input guide 40X8280
Front mounts 40X8299
Fuser Maintenance Kit, MS510, 110-120V 40X8281
Fuser Maintenance Kit, MS510, 220-240V 40X8282
Fuser, 110-120V 40X8023
Fuser, 220-240V 40X8024
Laser scanning unit 40X8081
Laser scanning unit, MS510, MX510, MX511 40X8080
Main drive gearbox 40X8085
MarkNet N8352 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit   40X8330
MarkNet N8352 802.11 b/g/n Wireless Print Server Kit   40X8331
Media present sensor flag 40X8800
Memory, 1024MB DDR3 RAM, MS510, MS610dn 40X6522
Memory, 256MB flash card 40X8555
Memory, 512MB DDR3 RAM, MS510, MS610dn 40X7566
MPF pick roller and separator pad 40X8295
Multipurpose feeder gearbox 40X8278
Multipurpose feeder gearbox 40X8777
Multipurpose feeder solenoid 40X8300
Name plate 40X8051
Narrow media /  Bin full sensor 40X8050
Operator panel  MS510dn 40X8292
Operator panel cover and butttons, MS510 40X8060
Pick / lift motor gearbox 40X8084
Pick tire 40X8297
Power cord; 2.5 m, 8 ft. Right angle, US, CA, LA 40X0269
Power supply, 100V /  110-120V 40X7797
Power supply, 220-240V 40X7798
Rear door and cover, MS510 40X8054
Redrive  40X8298
Reverse solenoid 40X8301
RFID card reader 40X8737
Roller, Pick  40X8443
Roller, Separator  40X8444
Roller, Transfer  40X8393
Rubber foot 40X8273
Screw kit 40X8394
Sensor 40X7592
Sensor, front door  40X8048
Sensor, index 40X8044
Sensor, Toner density  40X8046
Sensor, Trailing edge  40X8045
Tray insert, 250-Sheet  40X8305
Tray, 250-Sheet  40X8287
Tray, 550-Sheet tray complete 40X8286


41X0362 for Polygon LSU (blue controller bd) used in both MS51X and MS61X as long as the printer uses polygon LSU.
40X8080 for Galvo LSU (green controller board) used in MS510dn MS517dn units using the galvo LSU
40X8079 for Galvo LSU (green controller board) used in MS610dn/de MS617dn/de units using the galvo LSU

Controller board part #’s
41X0366 for Polygon LSU (blue controller board) used in MS510dn/MS517dn units
40X8029 for Galvo LSU (green controller board) used in MS510dn/MS517dn units
41X0367 for Polygon LSU (blue controller board) used in MS610dn/MS617dn units
40X8030 for Galvo LSU (green controller board ) used in MS610dn/MS617dn units
41X0988 for Polygon LSU (blue controller board) used in MS610de/MS617de units
40X8388 for Galvo LSU (green controller board) used in MS610de/MS617de units

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