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Lexmark CX820 Series MFP Color Laser Printer Repair Parts

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Description Part Number
AC power input cable 41X0260
ADF bottom door 41X0303
ADF cable pack 41X0219
ADF CCDM 41X0320
ADF CCDM cable 41X0296
ADF controller card 41X0318
ADF feed belt 41X0359
ADF front cover 41X0297
ADF front drive train 41X0317
ADF Maintenance Kit, CS820, CX82x, CX860  41X0931
ADF media exit actuator 41X0292
ADF Motor 41X0312
ADF pad 41X0314
ADF pick roller 41X0358
ADF rear cover 41X0298
ADF rear drive gears 41X0316
ADF right hinge 40X7762
ADF separator roller and cover 41X0360
ADF tray 41X0323
Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) 41X0324
Bin extension 41X0304
Bin full sensor housing 41X0228
Bottom interlock actuator 41X0294
Cable cover 41X0278
Calibration roller motor 41X0313
Card cover 41X0276
Card for IPDS, CS820, CX82x, CX860  41X1003
Card for PRESCRIBE, CS820, CX82x, CX860  41X1005
Caster base 41X0762
Charge roller HVPS 41X0241
Column inner cover 41X0201
Column outer cover 41X0200
Connector access cover 41X0099
Connector access cover 41X0717
Connector cover, metal 41X0073
Connector cover, plastic 41X0098
Contact Front Authentication Device 41X0997
Contactless Front Authentication Device 41X0998
Controller card 41X0537
Controller card cover 41X0087
Deflector guide 41X0309
Deflector with sensor (pass-through) 41X0120
Deskew pinch roller 41X0156
Deskew roller 41X0155
Deskew roller gear 41X0108
Deskew roller sensor guide 41X0128
Developer roll power contact 41X0086
Developer/PC unit CMY wiper rail 41X0147
Developer/PC unit K wiper rail 41X0146
Door interlock actuator 41X0162
Door rod cover 41X0097
Duplex assembly 41X0105
Duplex drive gears 41X0133
Duplex lower pinch roller guide 41X0123
Duplex release latch 41X0135
Duplex turn guide 41X0121
Duplex upper guide 41X0122
EP, developer, toner add gearbox 41X0112
Fan duct 41X0973
Feeder bearing 41X0067
Flatbed CCDM 41X0287
Flatbed CCDM cable 41X0274
Flatbed scanner 41X0289
Flatbed scanner cable 41X0280
Flatbed scanner card 41X0283
Flatbed scanner motor 41X0282
Flatbed scanner top cover 41X0275
Float plate 41X0319
Float plate guide 41X0305
Forms and Bar Code Card, CS820, CX82x, CX860  41X1001
Frame connector bracket 41X0074
Front column upper cover 41X0203
Front door 41X0227
Front door strap 41X0780
Front nip release arm 41X0066
Fuser 110-120V, CS820, CX820, CX825, CX860 41X0246
Fuser 220-240V, CS820, CX820, CX825, CX860 41X0247
Fuser alignment guide 41X0127
Fuser connect cable 41X0078
Fuser front loading guide 41X0125
Fuser Maintenance Kit 110-120V, CS820, CX820, CX825, CX860 41X0928
Fuser Maintenance Kit 220-240V, CS820, CX820, CX825, CX860 41X0929
Fuser rear loading guide 41X0126
Fuser temperature sensor 41X0165
Fuser/transfer belt motor gearbox 41X0111
Grounding plate 41X0141
Hard disk 40X9934
Hinge roller 41X0286
Hold down arm 41X0062
HVPS cables parts pack 41X0892
HVPS fan 41X0974
Inline Stapler 41X0746
Inner lower cover 41X0093
Inner upper cover 41X0715
Input guide 41X0306
Interrupt w/ flag sensor (ADF 2nd scan) 40X7776
Isolation roller gear 41X0107
Isolation roller shaft 41X0168
Keyboard access cover 41X0229
Laser printhead 41X0144
Left door 41X0101
Left door damper 41X0100
Left door front catch 41X0081
Left door paper guide 41X0124
Left door rear catch 41X0080
Left door release latch 41X0136
Left door rod 41X0250
Left door support 41X0174
Left door support strap 41X0173
Left front cover 41X0091
Left handle 41X0130
Left hinge 41X0311
Left lower cover 41X0096
Left lower cover 41X0277
Left upper cover 41X0199
Lift plate shim 41X1032
Locking caster 41X0774
Lower duplex sensor bracket 41X0072
Lower front cover 41X0094
LV power supply 41X0242
LVPS cables parts kit 41X0893
LVPS cage 41X0244
Main fan 41X0954
Main fan duct 41X0104
Main HV power supply 41X0143
MarkNet 8360 802.11b/g/n/a Wireless, NFC 41X0015
Media size sensor 40X7911
Memory, 256MB User Flash Memory 41X1010
Memory, 2GB DDR3, AR, 256x64, 204 CODIMM 41X0029
Miscellaneous cables parts pack 41X0894
Model name plate, CX820 41X0900
Motor (black only retract) 41X0114
Motor (duplex, pick, deskew, lift) 41X0140
Motor (Redrive, pass through) 41X0451
Motor cables parts pack 41X0891
MPF media present actuator 41X0058
MPF pick guide 41X0119
MPF pick shaft 41X0167
MPF tray 41X0176
MPF tray front actuator 41X0059
MPF tray rear actuator 41X0060
MPF tray stop 41X0172
MPF, reference edge gearbox 41X0115
Non-locking caster 41X0775
Operator panel bezel (blank) 41X0543
Operator panel Button kit, 7 inch 41X0207
Operator panel cables kit 41X0895
Operator panel card 41X0051
Operator panel support 41X0204
Operator panel support cover 41X0238
Optional tray cables parts pack 41X0950
Options interface cables parts kit 41X0896
Paper bail 41X0295
Paper feed cables parts pack 41X0890
Paper feeder 41X0106
Paper tray guide 41X0129
Parallel 1284-B interface card 40X4823
PC unit / developer door 41X0103
Pick roller 41X0993
Pick roller and separator pad 41X0999
Pick roller cover 41X0299
Printhead adjustment parts pack 41X0240
Printhead clamp 41X0082
Printhead data cable 41X0076
Printhead fan 41X0975
Printhead post 41X0132
Printhead wiper actuator rack 41X0145
Printhead wiper Motor 41X0139
Push button switch sensor (ADF closed interlock) 40X7778
Rear left cover 41X0089
Rear lower cover 41X0088
Rear nip release arm 41X0065
Rear upper cover 41X0197
Redrive 41X0148
Redrive gear 41X0110
Removable Hard Disk Kit 40X8671
Right cover 41X0092
Right cover bracket 41X0070
Right handle 41X0131
RS-232C serial interface card 40X4819
Scanner belt 41X0273
Scanner frame latch 41X0281
Scanner front cover 41X0232
Scanner front upper cover 41X0235
Scanner gear 41X0279
Scanner left cover 41X0230
Scanner left upper cover 41X0233
Scanner rear cover 41X0236
Scanner right cover 41X0231
Scanner right upper cover 41X0234
Scanner support 41X0261
Security Module 41X0027
Sensor 40X7779
Sensor (ADF 1st scan) 41X0576
Sensor (ADF multi feed transmitter) 41X0574
Sensor (ADF multi-feed, receiver) 41X0322
Sensor (auto alignment) 41X0161
Sensor (bin full / waste toner bottle present) 41X0570
Sensor (duplex path 1 , 2) 41X0446
Sensor (flatbed media length) 41X0290
Sensor (input) 41X0163
Sensor (paper present, door interlock) 41X0684
Sensor (pass through, near narrow media, deskew roller entry) 41X0914
Sensor (pick roller index, media out, media low, jam door ) 41X0470
Sensor (waste toner full) 41X0159
Sensor Weather station 41X0785
Smart chip interface card 41X0069
Speaker 40X9079
Stacking bail 41X0716
Standard bin cover 41X0193
Standard bin insert cover 41X0194
Static brush/bin full actuator 41X0195
Support spring 41X0781
Tensioner pulley 41X0284
Toner add motor gearbox (C, M, Y, K) 41X0113
Toner add tube (C) 41X0177
Toner add tube (K) 41X0180
Toner add tube (M) 41X0178
Toner add tube (Y) 41X0179
Toner cartridge contact (CMY) 41X0083
Toner cartridge contact (K) 41X0084
Toner cartridge guide 41X0117
Toner Patch Sensor (TPS) 41X0160
Toner patch sensor (TPS) wiper actuator 41X0057
Toner patch sensor wiper 41X0181
Toner port retainer 41X0150
Toner port retainer (CMY) 41X0151
Toner port retainer (K) 41X0152
Toner supply actuator 41X0056
Top cover 41X0196
Top door 41X0302
Top door cover 41X0579
Top door hinge retainer 41X0310
Top interlock actuator 41X0293
Transfer belt 41X0245
Transfer belt contact 41X0085
Transfer belt left bias arm 41X0064
Transfer belt left guide 41X0118
Transfer belt right bias arm 41X0063
Transfer belt right guide 41X0116
Transfer roller 41X0154
Transfer roller carriage spring 41X0171
Transfer roller front latch 41X0137
Transfer roller housing 41X0079
Transfer roller rear latch 41X0138
Tray close rail, left 41X0992
Tray close rail, right 41X0991
Tray, 2200 sheet tray 41X0328
Tray, 2200 sheet tray insert 41X0330
Tray, 550 sheet tray 41X0326
Tray, 550 sheet tray insert 41X0175
Upper duplex sensor bracket 41X0071
Vent cover 41X0090
Waste toner gear and shaft 41X0109
Wiring cover 41X0095

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