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Dell B5465dn Laser Printer Repair Parts

Click on part number for pricing, or call for availability.

Part Number


DELL-F33V9 ADF bottom door
DELL-T15J2 ADF CCD scanner
DELL-NW47P ADF controller PCBA
DELL-YT3XC ADF feed belt
DELL-NC1DP ADF float plate with springs
DELL-1J3WM ADF front cover without lightpipe
Dell-C7Y6K  ADF front side drive parts pack
DELL-GNK63 ADF input tray
DELL-3HVKX ADF left hinge
DELL-N8YV2  ADF left lower cover
DELL-P99WM ADF lift tray
DELL-4PJG7 ADF pick roller cover
DELL-DVD47 ADF rear cover
DELL-T86Y9 ADF rear side drive parts pack
DELL-3WFF3 ADF right hinge
DELL-DM3T7 ADF separation guide
DELL-J4VHT ADF separator roller
DELL-R16TG ADF to controller cable
DELL-TFX3W ADF top door without beacon and MF sensor
DELL-DT1P7 ADF tray lift drive parts pack
DELL-YVX9R Bin extension
DELL-WNJHV Cartridge cooling fan
DELL-H4HKF Control panel board PCBA
DELL-YVN0F Control panel buttons parts
DELL-WN03T Control panel front cover
DELL-8RC41 Control panel left cover
DELL-WG6XP Control panel right cover
DELL-7YGT2 Control panel upper cover
DELL-VHPN9 Controller bd to control panel board cable
DELL-6GKVY Controller board
DELL-79YT8 Controller board access cover
DELL-TVHVK Controller board cooling fan
DELL-TXT22 Controller board shield
DELL-TFDWD Deskew idler shaft
DELL-VC7RD Duplex cooling fan
DELL-VF583 Duplex exit diverter
DELL-5865V Duplex jam release guide
DELL-5YC1K Duplex motor with cable
DELL-134K0 Fastener plate
DELL-W0RH6 Flatbed CCD scanner
DELL-DVHR4 Flatbed scanner
DELL-TR2RC Flatbed scanner drive parts kit
DELL-3DF6P Flatbed scanner glass
DELL-KXM06 Flatbed scanner PCBA
DELL-DF72H Flatbed scanner ribbon cable
DELL-2M5DV Flatbed scanner tension pulley with belt
DELL-22R57 Front door
DELL-JX63P Front door duplex cover
DELL-9JMC2 Front scanner cover
DELL-YNXWY Fuser access door
DELL-KWFMY Fuser drive motor
DELL-YPT24 Fuser drive motor cable
DELL-CJ1X3 Fuser, Thermistor cable
DELL-18DVM Fuser, type 22, 110-120V, 200K, B5460dn, B5465dnf
DELL-4V2KH Fuser, type 23, 220-240V, 200K  A4 B5460dn, B5465dnf
DELL-DFM5R Gear (29t) separation roll drive
DELL-74W3T  Gear (40t) 1st scan roll drive
DELL-N93P9 Glass cushion
DELL-G52DT HVPS / toner cartridge fan cable
DELL-6WT1V HVPS, high voltage power supply
DELL-FDF8K Imaging unit clamp
DELL-MN97T Imaging unit smart chip contact with cable
DELL-MY12H Inner guide deflector
DELL-G8VCH Input sensor cable
DELL-2CG63 Internal duplex with cable
DELL-FM4YK Interrupt w/flag sensor (ADF exit)
DELL-W5VRV Interrupt with flag sensor (ADF 2nd scan)
DELL-18W4F laser printhead with data and power cables
DELL-97M7F Left cover
DELL-XFPHG Left frame extension, B5460dn, w/ sensors, cables
DELL-90W01 Left frame pivot
DELL-FG4CG Left inner cover
DELL-42P2N Left scanner cover
DELL-RJXCF LVPS, low voltage power supply
DELL-6MVGY Magnetic clutch
DELL-4VDN0 Main cooling fan with cable
DELL-32FY4 Main drive motor
DELL-MHTTX Main motor cable
DELL-JK8G0 Media aligner roller with MPF pick roller
DELL-688Y0 Media feeder
DELL-TNKY1 Media turn guide
DELL-1F1JR Media vertical guide
DELL-PVK8R MPF feed roller flange
DELL-R6K85 MPF feeder door
DELL-0VT60 MPF feeder lift plate with cable
DELL-T0FPY MPF pick roller
DELL-W3M94 Multifeed sensor parts kit
DELL-RKVTN Option card cover plate
DELL-J6TNV Output bin guide
DELL-RRP09 Pick roller
DELL-MND4F Power switch
DELL-21FC1 Printhead access cover
DELL-J54JX Printhead power cable
DELL-R118T Push button switch sensor (ADF closed)
DELL-9T55J Rear door
DELL-YYNHP Rear door support
DELL-493CK Rear duplex door
DELL-39CRF Recoil spring
DELL-P8T8W Right cover
DELL-X568R Right frame extension with tray latch
DELL-4KWMG Right frame pivot
DELL-1Y1NN Right inner cover
DELL-1Y0HJ Sensor
DELL-C84TY Sensor
DELL-1Y0HJ Sensor
DELL-36CMV Sensor (control panel interlock) with bracket and cable
DELL-KD8K4 Sensor (duplex path) with cable
DELL-KJXV1 Sensor (input)
DELL-7JW2D Sensor (standard bin full) with guide bars
DELL-TRHX1 Sensor (toner density) with shutter and cable
DELL-TTTYK Separation roller
DELL-3W6F9 Speaker
DELL-P9T75 Speaker cable
DELL-K4KK6 Speaker holder
DELL-6KMFH Standard bin cover
DELL-8N9CJ Standard bin led lens
DELL-KT5V9 Standard bin led PCBA
DELL-NW7VK Toner add motor with cable
DELL-61R0K Toner cartridge clamp
DELL-RKYTF Toner cartridge lock with spring
DELL-24W79 Toner cartridge smart chip contact with cable
DELL-V217N Toner level / imaging unit high voltage contact
DELL-73CPP Top option interface cable
DELL-82CH8 Torsion spring
DELL-K18HF Torsion spring
DELL-3K3GR Torsion spring (control panel latch left)
DELL-GT3X0 Torsion spring (control panel latch right)
DELL-33JRY Torsion spring (duplex flap)
DELL-868KV Torsion spring MPF feeder support
DELL-3NW0Y Touch screen control panel, 10 in
DELL-PH15C Transfer roller
DELL-MYT5C Transfer roller left arm with cable
DELL-41KPR Transfer roller right arm
DELL-THJ8T Tray 550 sheet (Tray 1)
DELL-5T28H Upper redrive
DELL-95MW8 Upper redrive motor with cable

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