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Click on link below for Lexmark Laser Printer Brochures / Spec Sheets
Lexmark Printer Brochures


Dell Mono Laser Printers   Dell Color Laser Printers
Standard Size Mono Standard Size Color
B2360d, B2360dn 1700, 1700n 3330dn 2130cn 3000, 3100cn 5110cn
B3460dn 1710, 1710n 5210n   3110cn  
B5460dn 1720, 1720dn 5230n, 5230dn   3130cn  
S5830dn 2230d 5310n      
  2330d, 2330dn 5330dn      
  2350d, 2350dn 5350dn      
Multifunction (MFP) Mono Multifunction (MFP) Color
B3465dnf 3333dn, 3335dn 5535dn 2135cn 3115cn 7130cdn
B5465dnf     2145cn 5130cdn  

OKI Mono Laser Printers   OKI Color Laser Printers
Standard Size Mono Standard Size Color
B411 B721, B731 B4600 series C330dn C844dnw series C6050
B412 B930 series B6100 series C331dn, C531dn C911, C931, C941 C6100 series
B420dn B4100 B6200 series C332dn C942dn series C6150 series
B431 B4200, B4300 B6250 series C530dn C3200n C7200, C7400 Series
B432 B4250, B4350 B6300 series C532dn C3400n C7300, C7500 Series
B512 B4400, B4600 B6500 series C610 series C3600 C7350, C7550 Series
B710, B720, B730 B4500, B4550   C612 series C5100, C5300 C8800 Series
  C710 series C5150n C9200, C9400 Series
Multifunction (MFP) Mono C711 series C5200, C5400 C9300, C9500

B4545 MFP

MB451 MFP MB492, MB562w C712dn C5500n C9600 series
MB260, MB280, MB290 MFP MB461, MB471, MB491 MFP MB760, MB770 MFP C830 series C5800Ldn C9650 series
MB460, MB470, MB480 MB472w MFP MB780, MB790 MFP C831 series C6000 C9800 series
Lexmark Dot Matrix Printers Multifunction (MFP) Color
ML186 ML420, 421 ML1120 C3530 MFP series MC361 MFP MC573dn MFP
ML186Plus ML490, 491 ML8810 C5510 MFP MC363dn MFP MC770, MC780 MFP
ML320T, 321T ML620, 621 PM3410 C5550 MFP MC561 MFP MC873 MFP series
ML390T, 391T ML690, 691 PM4410   MC562 MFP  
ML395, 395C          

HP Printers

HP Mono LaserJet Printers   HP Multifunction LaserJet Printers MFP
1320 series M401 Pro series M603 Ent series 4345 MFP Series M525 Ent MFP series M3035 MFP series
4250 series M402 Pro series M604 Ent series M277 Pro MFP M527 Ent MFP series M4555 Ent MFP series
4350 series M501 Pro series M712 Ent series M521 series M630 series  
5200 series M506 Ent series P1606 Pro      
9040, 9050 series M605 Ent series P2055 series      
  M607 Ent series P3005 series      
  M608 Ent series P3015 series      
  M609 Ent series P4015 series      
  M601 Ent series P4515 series      
  M602 Ent series Pro 552 Wide      

Genicom Matrix Printers   TallyGenicom Matrix Printers
930, 935 3810s LA36n, LA36w 7265 LA800 T2265plus
TI 880 series 3840ep, 3840em LG series LA450 LA800+ T2280plus
TI 885 3860

LJ series

LA500 T2150 T2340
TI 8920, 8930 3870   LA650+ T2240 T2365 HD
3400 series 3880   LA700 T2250 T2380
Genicom Line Printers  
4490xt 5050   TallyGenicom Line Printers
4800 series 5100   6306 T6212  
4900 series 5180   6312 T6215 T6218



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